Rowing Class @ Fitness Expo Basel

Nov 06, 2017

Nimm Teil an der Concept2 Rowing Class am Samstag von 16:30 – 17:30 an der Fitness Expo in Basel in der Group Fitness Halle 3. Geleitet vom Olympia-Sieger Mario Gyr und Concept2 Instruktor Silvan Zehnder. Achtung es hat nur 40 Plätze verfügbar, also reservier dir möglichst bald deinen Platz per Mail an:

Fitness Expo concept2 Rowing class

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The #HolidayChallenge starts the end of next week. Who is going to be putting in those meters to get to the 100K or 200K mark first? Every single meter counts and Concept2 will be donating to various charities for meters rowed. #Concept2

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